Juvenile Proceedings

Juvenile Proceedings

• Delinquent Acts
• Felony & Misdemeanor Crimes
• Detention Hearings
• Probation Violations
• Guardian ad Litem
• Transfer Hearings

In Juvenile and Circuit Court, Ms. Black serves as a Guardian ad Litem for children in foster care and for children who are the subject of private custody litigation. A Guardian ad Litem is an attorney who represents a child, or sibling group, and who is required to focus on the best interest of the child throughout the court proceedings. Ms. Black has extensive knowledge and experience with child abuse, child neglect, and agencies charged to investigate and protect children.

In Tennessee, if a juvenile commits an offense, the child faces delinquency proceedings to determine whether they will be adjudicated delinquent or not. If the child is a first-time offender, there are options that may be available to the child that would allow the matter to be handled informally and avoid protracted juvenile proceedings.

Proceedings in Juvenile Court are significantly different than proceedings in the adult system. In certain circumstances, a child can be transferred to the adult system to be tried as an adult. In most situations, a transfer hearing is reserved for the most heinous offenses or when a child is close to the age of maturity. Transfer hearings can move quickly in Juvenile Court, and a delay in seeking legal advice could result in devastating consequences and significant penalties for your child. Not only is your child entitled to a transfer hearing, but your child is also entitled to an attorney. If your child is facing a transfer hearing, contact Ms. Black immediately.

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