Victim Advocacy

Victim Advocacy

Victims of:
• Domestic Violence
• Drug Abuse
• Rape
• Sexual Assault
• Sex Trafficking

If you have been the victim of child abuse, domestic violence, rape, or sex trafficking, call Ms. Black immediately. She will show you compassion and empathy, and she will offer information needed to regain a sense of safety and peace in your life.

Ms. Black has extensive experience representing children who are subject to child abuse and neglect. Ms. Black also has superior knowledge and experience representing individuals who are victims of incest, rape, sexual assault, and sex trafficking. Often times, these crimes are occurring within the victim’s own home, or by a trusted family member, friend, or authority figure.

If you are afraid to contact the police and report that you or someone you know is a victim of abuse, neglect, or violence, contact Ms. Black immediately. She will help you understand your rights and help you discover ways to protect yourself or your loved one. Although criminal charges may be one way to handle the situation, there are many other agencies that offer services designed to assist the victim with counseling, housing, support, and therapy.
Ms. Black is more than just a lawyer. She is a counselor of the law, and a passionate victim advocate. Throughout her legal practice, her community involvement, and her experience, Ms. Black has watched many victims spiral into self-destructive behavior in an effort to cope with trauma.

Unfortunately, many victims remain in harmful situations because they are given wrong advice by their abusers and/or well-meaning friends. Ms. Black is committed to helping you get the emotional, financial, and physical support that you need. The cycle of violence can be stopped. Take the first step and call Ms. Black today.

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